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David Jackson and farmers


Our farms are much more than soil and seed.

Some produce brands only market and distribute fruit for other growers, but we own the land we walk. Because of our deep connection to the ground in which we grow our fruit, and the people who farm it, we are servant leaders above all else. We aim to continuously improve and invest in every facet of our farms, the farmers themselves, and the surrounding communities.

“It’s our responsibility to enrich the lives of our employees, the community, and our ecosystems, as we continue to feed the world.”
-Dave Jackson

  • Image of farmer with soil

Environmental impact.

From micro-drip irrigation to solar panel energy, we are continuously seeking innovative ways to be kind to the earth and care for the land that gives us so much.

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  • Image of farmer harvesting blueberries

Community impact.

This is personal. Our success is linked to the success of the thousands of farmers we employ and the communities that support them. We care for them as we do our own family, because that’s exactly what they are.

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Wellness impact.

There’s a reason we grow what we do… it’s healthy! We are passionate about providing delicious, nutritious fruit that’s grown safely with reduced pesticide treatment.

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