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Family makes all the difference.

Growing and sharing the most flavorful fruit in the world with people across the globe… it’s so much more than a job. For Family Tree Farms, it’s a calling. From our farmers and packers to the folks right here in the office, the members of our family all share a vision to grow the best tasting produce, take pride in our values, and treat people as they should be.

Our core values.

At the heart of this business is a multi-generational family with shared morals. Our company values were inspired by what we believe in.


Always do the right thing.


Let others praise you and not yourself.


Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


Communities flourish when people flourish.


A willingness to go the extra mile.


Cultivate and care for the land God has given us.


Unconditional love and unity passed down from one generation to the next.


Leadership that thinks outside the box.

Image of child eating a peach

Why is our fruit so flavorful?

Because we put passion, quality, and innovation into every bite.

Our Flavor