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The world’s most flavorful fruit.

You are the reason why we scour the planet and select from thousands of breeders to continually grow amazingly delicious, totally unique proprietary fruit varieties.

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World-Class Genes


They say it all starts with a seed. For us, it actually started with a vision to go beyond everyday varieties and find the most flavorful fruit the world has to offer. These carefully selected, incredible varieties enable us to consistently guarantee a truly memorable eating experience like no other. And of course, all of our varieties are non-GMO.

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Practice makes perfect


We use ten acres to trial more than 1,000 all-natural, non-GMO varieties in our industry-leading research center. Here in our special facility, we conduct weekly tastings of more than 20 varieties from test pilots and breeding programs across the globe. In the end, we only grow a few because they must have the very best flavor, appearance, and texture to make the cut. It takes patience to deliver the perfect fruit, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The perfect climate

Warm days,
cool nights.

While much of our fruit is available seasonally, growing it correctly is a year-round effort, including pruning time to designated “chill hours” for the trees. From the upper plains of the Andes Mountains to the San Joaquin Valley, our farms were carefully chosen for their mild winters, early spring, and gentle winds. These hot days and cool nights give our fruit their sweet and juicy flavors, firm textures, and snack-worthy size.

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Vertical integration


The only way to get perfect fruit is to be perfectionists… does that make us a little controlling? Sure does. Vertical integration gives us detailed oversight from the ground up, and it’s the only way for us to be assured of flavor and quality that will live up to our exacting standards. Unlike many other companies, we do it all ourselves: select the seeds, grow the tree, provide the proper nutrients, pick at peak, then cool and pack with precision. We take extra pride in our fruit because we alone carry it from seed to table.

Sharing delicious experiences.

The sweetest thing is a chance to experience little pleasures together. Whether you enjoy them out of hand, blended in a smoothie, or baked into a dessert, our fruit was grown for flavoring life. 

Family makes all the difference.

What truly sets us apart is the extraordinary flavor and quality of our fruit. But our family is what makes that all possible. And we’re not just talking about our own flesh and blood, we’re talking about our entire organization.

Our Family