Recent Rains do Little to Reduce Drought Impact

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding the drought. For an overall perspective on the drought, its various causes and effects, check
out this link:

Regarding Family Tree Farms specifically, we are among the thousands of farmers who can expect zero water deliveries. What this means is that the reservoirs serving our area will not be releasing any water this summer for irrigation. This leaves farmers like us 100% reliant on pumping ground water. In a normal year we are able to irrigate for most of the summer with “surface water” which is delivered via a system of rivers, canals and ditches. After that water is depleted, we turn to pumping ground water which is far costlier. The far more serious concern for agriculture, and for California in general is that ground water levels have been dropping steadily for many years. Over the past few years, we have invested in the future of our farms by deepening several of our wells to ensure adequate water supply. In addition, every time we replant an orchard, we are converting to drip irrigation which is far better from a water conservation standpoint. We do not anticipate any water related issues this summer on our farms, but the same cannot be said for many farms and cities throughout California.

Well pumping ground water for irrigation

Drip line for orchard irrigation

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