General Information

Satsumas offer a sweet burst of sunshine in the middle of winter. Our Satsumas ripen completely on the tree which brings out their rich, sweet, citrus flavor. Their loose, easy-peel skin and seedless sections make them a perfectly delicious easy to eat, healthy snack.





Both varieties are easy-peel, seedless and 100% delicious. See Availability Chart.


Dobashi Beni – November


Slightly larger than Owari. Deep orange skin color and wonderful flavor.


Owari – December


Skin color is a little lighter than the Dobashi Beni but the flavor is remarkable.



Selection and Storage

The skin is smooth to slightly “bumpy.” Satsumas are sometimes sold with the stems and leaves still attached for a more natural appearance. Avoid fruit that feels light for its size and appears to have thin, dry skin – a sign of old, dehydrated fruit. Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to several weeks.