General Information

We call our flat peaches “Saturn” and our flat nectarines “Saucer.” This group of fruit is naturally flat and donut-shaped. In the past, the only flat varieties were white flesh peaches; that is rapidly evolving to include yellow flesh and nectarines. We currently grow two white and two yellow Saturn peaches and we’re working on developing a Saucer nectarine line.





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Nutrition Information

Selection and Storage

The flat varieties of white peaches often have a pale green cast to the background color, even when they are ripe. This is simply a characteristic of these varieties and not an indication that they were picked too early. Storage at home depends on how you prefer to eat them and how ripe they were when you bought them. The temperature of home refrigerators can actually damage the eating quality of firm peaches and nectarines, turning them dry and mushy. If you prefer them crisp, purchase firm fruit and consume them within a day or two. If you like them soft and juicy, leave them out at room temperature (not in a plastic bag) until they reach that stage – then refrigerate. The fruit will remain at that stage and can be refrigerated for around a week. Soft, ripe fruit can be refrigerated without damaging the eating quality.