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Farming and Production

Orchard Photography

Apricots - A

Apricots - Apache

Apricots - B


Bee Hives During Spring


Blossoms - Peach or Nectarine - A

Blossoms - Peach or Nectarine - B

Blossoms - Peach or Nectarine - C

Blossoms - Peach or Nectarine

Blossoms - Plumcot

Blueberries - A

Blueberries - B

Blueberries - C

Blueberries - D

Blueberries - E

Blueberries - G

Blueberries - Not Ripe Yet

Blueberries - F

Green Plumcots

Harvesting Apricots

Harvesting Blueberries - A

Harvesting Blueberries - B

Harvesting White Peaches


Plumcots - Dapple Dandy

Plumcots - Flavor Queen


Satsuma Mandarins - A

Satsuma Mandarins - B

Thinning Fruit From Tree

Trees Grafted to New Variety - A

Trees Grafted to New Variety

White Nectarines

White Peach - Galaxy B

White Peach - Galaxy

White Peaches - A

White Peaches - Galaxy B

White Peaches


Packing Photography

Fruit Conveyor

Grading Apricots

Grading Peaches

Packing Apricots

Packing Fruit Into Box

Packing Green Plums

Packing Line - B

Packing Line

Washing and Brushing Fruit

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