Growing Locations

Our mission statement says: “the most flavorful fruit in the world,” and we really do mean The World. We farm the freshest fruit of the season at each of our three locations – California, Mexico and Peru. Over the past ten years, demand for our fruit has allowed us to expand beyond our home base of California. Each of these locations provides its own unique growing climate and season, complementing the other areas and allowing us to provide “the most flavorful fruit in the world” on a nearly year-round basis. Visit each location to learn more.


Location: Multiple locations in Fresno, Tulare and Kings Counties.

Crops Grown: Peaches, Nectarines, Plumcots, Apricots, Apriums, Plums, Cherries, Blueberries, Satsuma Mandarins.

Blueberries: May – June
Cherries: May
Stone Fruits: Late April – Early October
Satsuma Mandarins: Mid-November – December

Daniel Jackson, Rick Jackson and Andy Muxlow
The central San Joaquin Valley, south of Fresno, is our home and our headquarters. With nearly 5,000 acres in production, this is our most diverse farming operation.
Location: Northern Sinaloa

Crops Grown: Blueberries

February – April

We started farming here in 2005 and we currently grow our proprietary blueberry varieties on 1600 acres.

David Jackson in blueberry field in Mexico
Location: Central, coastal Peru

Crops Grown: Blueberries

October – November

Our newest farm will be home to 1000 acres of blueberries. We expect our first harvest in the fall of 2016.

Andy Muxlow, Cal Muxlow and David Jackson
Family Tree Farms - Our Mission is to Consistently Produce, Package and Market the Most Flavorful Fruit in the World.