Quality Control

Our strict quality control measures ensure that our mission of delivering consistently flavorful fruit becomes a reality.

  • The first and most important quality control measure takes place right in the orchard. Factors and measurements such as internal and external colors, sugar levels, and flesh texture tell us whether it’s time for the fruit to be harvested.
  • The skilled pickers make the next decision. Not every piece of fruit on a tree is ready to be picked at the same time. Training and experience have taught them how to pick only the ripest fruit. We may harvest each tree as many as six times over the course of several weeks.
  • At the packing facility, our QC staff records data about the fruit, creating a multi-year history about each variety.
  • On the packing line, the fruit passes a group of graders who carefully scan the fruit and discard any with physical defects.
  • The packers visually inspect each piece of fruit, making the final decision whether it’s packed or discarded.
  • A final QC check is performed prior to shipment.

Family Tree Farms - Our Mission is to Consistently Produce, Package and Market the Most Flavorful Fruit in the World.